Crisis Management

High-end construction projects can, almost by definition, be difficult and stressful. Fires, floods and other accidents can also occur. Contractors have been known to go out of business during renovations, to have taken on too many projects or simply to have gotten in over their heads.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed a unique ability to enter into even the most stressful of situations with positive reassurance, calm and the expertise necessary to bring them to a successful completion. Whether its interfacing with insurance investigators, managing agents, neighbors, building boards, bringing in and supervising the craftspeople needed, and/or assembling an entirely new team of designers, architects and engineers.

After years of failed attempts to get our townhouse back in working order, we finally found Sandy and SF Construction through the recommendation of a friend. We had been living with no heat, no hot water, and many other issues for over a year and we could not find a contractor or engineer that could get to the root of these problems. Sandy patiently stepped in and worked through each and every predicament we had. We have gone from feeling like we live inside a ticking time bomb to enjoying our life again! I found it a damn near impossible feat to find a trustworthy contractor in Manhattan, but we have found one in Sandy.
— Summer Anderson, West Village Townhouse
Sandy Friedman of SF Construction is at the top of his game. They specialize in remediating emergency situations.  An example is an apartment we are currently working on that had serious fire and water damage. We relied on SF Construction to relate to the fire marshals, investigators, insurance adjusters, as well as the building’s managing agent and board. He shepherded the entire process through and is currently rebuilding. Through a combination of patience, perseverance, and diplomacy, SF Construction knows how to get things done. I wholeheartedly recommend working with them.
— Kevin Estrada, RA

We were deep in renovation nightmare-mode, with a company who was on their way out of business.  They had one hand in our pocket and one foot out the door.  Struggling to make sense of our situation, we hired a forensic accountant and took up praying.  The answer to our prayers came in the form of Sandy Friedman...  he is no nonsense and effective, while still being humane.  I joke with him that he’s like Mr. Fox in Pulp Fiction, cleaning up the mess and bagging the bodies.  But truly, it is no joke.  Especially when renovating in NYC where every penny is a dollar.  That said, hiring Sandy is money well spent.
— Blaine Birchby, Greenwich Village Brownstone

I always say that the true measure of value in a design and construction team member is not how they operate when things go well, but how they navigate through periods of crisis and turmoil. I’ve worked with Sandy Friedman for many years, and he’s proven again and again to be a lifesaver and a great partner in resolving and moving past problems that can sometimes seem insurmountable. He is a dedicated team player who brings calmness, confidence and hope to situations of trepidation and hopelessness. His wisdom, guidance and optimism are priceless.
— Blake Goble, AIA, LEED AP, New York, NY
SF Construction are miracle workers. After suffering a devastating fire on our property we turned to them to manage the claims, insurance negotiation and reconstruction. They handled the entire process flawlessly and efficiently. Their ability to handle crisis projects quickly and effectively allowed us to get us back in our home and on with our lives. I highly recommend them.
— Sharon B. 2,700 sq ft Central Park West apartment