I have renovated several homes and offices and no experience compared to working with Sandy and his team. Due to the work he and his staff, especially Lisa, provided, I will always call upon SF Construction for services no matter how small or large the project may be. Because of the assuredness they gave me about our decisions and guidance through the process…I have a trust in Sandy and his company that is rarely achieved. I personally recommend them to everyone I know and meet who is looking to renovate their home or office.
— Van M. Isaacs, Managing Partner, The Tailored Sportsman

Sandy and his team have been instrumental to my and my husband’s well-being when it comes to our homes for over 15 years. Renovations, especially in NYC, are extremely stressful. We learned our lesson the hard way, through disappointment with other contractors.

Whenever Sandy’s team is involved, everyone is happy. Lisa Otterbeck, our project manager, is intelligent, positive, organized, efficient and relentless in assuring we were 100% satisfied with every detail. Junior is outstanding as well. They can handle anything and love and respect our home as much as we do.
— Tracy Toon Spencer, 3,800 square foot apartment, 40 Fifth Avenue

He is a dedicated team player who brings calmness, confidence and hope to situations of trepidation and hopelessness. His wisdom, guidance and optimism are priceless
— Blake Goble, AIA, LEED AP, New York, NY
His eye for design and quality, not to mention his attention to detail and problem solving, were beyond impressive.
— Cheryl Neumann, Jordan Design Crew, Los Angeles
Sandy patiently stepped in and worked through each and every predicament we had. We have gone from feeling like we live inside a ticking time bomb to enjoying our life again!
— Summer Anderson, West Village Townhouse
Sandy - thank you for a great job! You’re the best.
— Nathan Lane, Actor
The professionalism they bring to the project helps to reduce the anxiety one feels on every high-end residential renovation.
— Sheila Bridges, Named America’s Best Interior Designer by CNN and Time Magazine
Their ability to handle crisis projects quickly and effectively allowed us to get us back in our home and on with our lives.
— Sharon B. 2,700 sq ft Central Park West apartment

Investment property of ours in upstate New York suffered significant damage from Hurricane Irene in August 2011. We were out of the country on vacation and asked Sandy Friedman of SF Construction to step in.

He handled the situation with grace and aplomb. He interviewed several local contractors, found an honest company that named a fair price, and monitored their work. All over the phone and on internet! By the time we returned, the job was done and the house looked better than before. I don’t know what we would have done without him.

— BlueStone Properties

Sandy Friedman of SF Construction is at the top of his game. They specialize in remediating emergency situations.

An example is an apartment we are currently working on that had serious fire and water damage. We relied on SF Construction to relate to the fire marshals, investigators, insurance adjusters, as well as the building’s managing agent and board. He shepherded the entire process through and is currently rebuilding. Through a combination of patience, perseverance, and diplomacy, SF Construction knows how to get things done. I wholeheartedly recommend working with them.
— Kevin Estrada, RA